About me

John Wilson - your blogger

I am a retired chap who worked in company pensions. More than a little nerdy!

Did I always avoid being nerdy? Alas, no. But I did make the effort.

I think I managed to avoid being too nerdy, especially when talking to our employees and pensioners about their concerns.

Before  retiring, I worked for British Waterways, the UK authority for running the country’s canal network.

My main hobbies are collecting things (mainly coins and stamps) and  photography.

Since retiring, I have been tracing my family tree and have come back to my great great great grandparents in the early part of the 19th century.

Although I’m not an expert, I can help you with basic information about how to go about tracing your family tree. However, my direct experience only relates to the UK.

Eclipses are another interest. I have witnessed 2 total eclipses. Realistically that will be the only two.  One was in France, the other in Turkey.

Oh yeh. There’s an Olympic diary as well, which you may find a tad more interesting than the above.