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My favorite anorak

I think probably, because of my interests, some folk will think of me as an anorak. Stamp collectors are almost always thought of as anoraks!

If you live in the UK you’ll know what an anorak is. If you live outside the UK, you probably won’t.

An anorak is a garment, a waterproof jacket, usually with a hood. It’s usually worn by walkers and other outdoor types. Fashionable it’s not. Anoraks almost always look scruffy.

An anorak is, however, a type of person; a rather nerdy type of person.

Even though it is a British term, rather strangely, Peter Post of Boston, USA gives an excellent definition:

‘It is a term of mild abuse directed almost exclusively at men. Such men are usually obsessively interested in an obscure subject and/or activity – the archetypal one being trainspotting.’

Peter continues:

‘Such activities often require the participant to spend hours out of doors doing not much and occasionally writing something in a little book. Hence, such people often wear anorak because they are (a) cheap (b) practical (c) have lots of pockets for flasks, notebooks, pencils, other pencils etc’

More definitions are given in an article from ‘The Guardian’ newspaper, ‘What do the British mean when they call someone an ‘anorak’?,5753,-19185,

Most anoraks are harmless. I suppose, with my collecting interests, I would be regarded as an anorak by some.

If you wish to laugh at me, rather that with me, you’re most welcome!

My favorite anorak has gotta be an English guy who collects mail boxes.  He has more than 190 and keeps them all in his back garden.

When he got married, not surprisingly, he hesitated to tell his wife-to-be about his collection.

The reporter filing the story tactfully drew a veil over the lady’s reaction!

Here is the link to the story: