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Olympic diary: Monday, 30 July

Back in May, I booked a ticket for one of the swimming events, taking advantage of the special allocation of tickets for those who had applied in 2011 and had been unsuccessful.

I tried for one of the sessions which included a final but they were sold out. I succeeded in getting a ticket for a set of the heats and had to be content with that.

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Olympic diary: Saturday, 28 July

Olympic diary, Saturday, 28 July.

I went to the Excel Centre near Royal Victoria Dock for the women’s fencing (foils) semifinals and finals.

I gave myself four hours to travel there and go through the very thorough security. The trains were full but not overcrowded. I had bags of time to spare but I’m not sorry I gave myself so much time. I would have hated to miss anything of the event.

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Olympics diary: Wednesday, 25 July

The Olympic torch came to Harrow on Wednesday, 25 July. These photos were taken around 9.30. There were plenty of spectators, mainly kids and mums and dads, but a good cross section of the community too. [Read more…]

Olympic diary: Tuesday 24 July

With all the hoo-ha about Olympic security, I was tempted to add my two-penn’orth to the discussion.

I gave in to the temptation and wrote the following letter to the Daily Mail. It was published on 17 July!


Dear Editor

Israeli teenagers responsible for security do a great job checking travellers and their luggage at train and bus stations.

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Olympic diary: Sunday 22 July

I don’t know why I’m so excited about the Olympics. After all, I spent a lot of energy in my youth dodging playing sports at school. Yet at extortionate cost I have obtained tickets for 2 events; the women’s fencing final on Saturday evening 28 July, and one of the swimming heats on Monday morning 30 July.

Having paid out a lot of ££££, I don’t want to risk being late, so on Friday I did a dry run, checking my routes and the entry points to the venues.

I have a fairly good knowledge of the London Underground system so I’ve chosen routes different to those recommended by the organisers. Those of you who know me may suspect this is because I’ve always been a member of the awkward squad. My story is that I’ll be avoiding the more crowded routes by choosing alternatives to those recommended.

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