Olympic Diary, 12 August, 2012

It’s the last day of the 2012 Olympics!

It was the men’s marathon today. I went to Cheapside in the City of London, as I did last week for the women’s marathon.

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Olympic diary, Thursday 9 August

What is the  ‘ultimate’ Olympic experience? If the answer to this question is the Athletic Stadium, then I was there today for the ultimate experience!

Did it come up to my high expectations?

Yes it did.

How I got there only requires me to backtrack one day.

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Olympic diary, Sunday, 5 August


Your dedicated diarist caught the 7.30 train from Harrow & Wealdstone and was in Cheapside in the City of London by 8.30. At this time, other than stewards and security staff the ‘crowd’ numbered four or five and some of them might just have been loiterers.

I’d chosen a City street to view the women’s marathon to avoid the crowds that would be in the Mall for the start and finish. I would miss the drama of the finish, but the great advantage of where I was, was that I would see the runners do the six mile circuit three times.

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Olympic diary, Saturday 4 August

Today I went to Eton Dorney. near Windsor, the Olympic rowing venue.

I bought the ticket online just four days ago. Most of the events I searched for were sold out but there were unsold tickets for Eton Dorney. On Thursday I went there to collect the ticket, taking, as required, the email confirming the purchase, the credit card I’d used and my passport as photo ID.

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Olympic diary: Monday, 30 July

Back in May, I booked a ticket for one of the swimming events, taking advantage of the special allocation of tickets for those who had applied in 2011 and had been unsuccessful.

I tried for one of the sessions which included a final but they were sold out. I succeeded in getting a ticket for a set of the heats and had to be content with that.

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Olympic diary: Saturday, 28 July

Olympic diary, Saturday, 28 July.

I went to the Excel Centre near Royal Victoria Dock for the women’s fencing (foils) semifinals and finals.

I gave myself four hours to travel there and go through the very thorough security. The trains were full but not overcrowded. I had bags of time to spare but I’m not sorry I gave myself so much time. I would have hated to miss anything of the event.

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