Olympic diary: Tuesday 24 July

With all the hoo-ha about Olympic security, I was tempted to add my two-penn’orth to the discussion.

I gave in to the temptation and wrote the following letter to the Daily Mail. It was published on 17 July!


Dear Editor

Israeli teenagers responsible for security do a great job checking travellers and their luggage at train and bus stations.

I’m sure British teenagers given the responsibility for security during the Olympics will meet the challenge as successfully as their Israeli counterparts.

As for messing around during training sessions, I’m sure, like me, most people have done this and gone on to take seriously whatever they are  training for.

John Wilson,

Harrow, Middlesex


Did my words of wisdom lead to questions in the House? Urgent telephone calls to me for advice from  Olympic supremo, Lord Sebastian Coe? Offers of lucrative contracts with MI5 or the FBI?


It’s just as well really. I’d forgotten that the Israeli teenagers I’d seen on security duty were also army conscripts. As soldiers, they had had in-depth training which made them very effective at their job.

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