Stamp collecting: a hobby for nerds?

Stamp collecting has a image problem.

Some people think it is rather pathetic; OK for kids but not an activity fit for grown men and women.

When I was a lot younger, I went to one of those encounter groups, where people are encouraged to let it all hang out and let rip with their emotions.

The group leader obviously thought I wasn’t entering into the spirit of things, as he said to me, “Why don’t you go back to your stamp collection?’

In an online chat forum, one fellow shows an interest in stamp collecting but seems concerned that others may mock him, as he says:

“The father of a mate of mine showed me some of his (stamp) collection and it really did look fantastic. I am tempted to have a go myself but it seems a bit nerdy.’”

The replies he received (see link below) assumed that it was indeed a nerdy hobby but no worse that some other hobbies, such as making plastic models from kits.

Like any other hobby, stamp collecting can help people relax by letting them absorb themselves in something which takes them away from their responsibilities, even when those responsibilities are formidable.

In my next post I shall have another look at this hobby and try to reach some sort of verdict on whether or not it can be described as, “The hobby of nerds.”


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