Weight loss; what’s to be done?

I lost about 10 lbs last year, starting from 177 lbs and later in the year I put it all back !

 I’ve been wanting to lose about 15 lbs since the start of  2012 and I’m now on my way to doing it.  I’m 5 ft 11 ins and weighted 184 lbs before I started to lose weight.

I don’t think I’m seriously overweight at 184 lbs but have had a bulge round my stomach and would prefer to be 168 lbs or less. I’ve decided I want to investigate weight loss in a methodical way.

I want to find a way of looking at all the conflicting claims for diets that claim to produce permanent weight loss and try to figure out what REALLY works.

Surely that’s a reasonable expectation?

Yet there are dozens of diets around!

Those who write about a particular diet are convinced that the diet plan they champion is the best one and all other diets don’t work.

So they write a book to support the cause of their diet

Typically, they give examples of men or women who have tried a whole bunch of diets, none of which have resulted in permanent weight loss.

In desperation, they adopt the diet promoted by the author.

Hey presto! It works. The dieters shed pound after pound and manages to keep it all off.

So, assuming the author has given an honest account of people’s experience, can all these authors be right!

It is possible! The diet may work for the people described by the author.

But does the diet work for everyone? Nope!

And can the author guarantee that those for whom it works will not backslide in the future and put all the weight on again? Hardly.

So I’m going to do some figuring out and see if I can reach some conclusions about what works and what doesn’t.

How you may ask, is an ordinary Joe like me going to ‘reach conclusions’ about such a puzzling issue?

How, indeed! But please bear with me as I try.

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